Sensationail Review

How to Save Over $600 a Year by Investing $40 Into Your Nails

 Sensationail Review

Like many females, I find joy in going to the salon and getting my nails done. Before Gel manicures came along (who even remembers their life before LED cured nail polish?!) I spent around $15 for a regular ol’ manicure, which included the cuticle cleaning, a fancy little hand massage and a nail polish that I carefully picked out from the wall of nail polishes. The only problem with this scenario is that these manicures that I was shelling out $15 for, were only lasting me around 4 days. No bueno. So I quit getting my nails done altogether after feeling defeated by my  chipped nails. Alas, the gel manicure was born and I felt alive again. My manicures (which used to last me 4 days tops), were now lasting well into a week and a half. The only problem with this scenario was that $40 for a manicure seemed a little crazy to me, and I only ever did it if I knew there was a special occasion. Fast forward a few years, and the gel manicures dropped in price, and I was able to start getting them again without feeling too guilty. You can now get gel manicures for around $25 depending on the salon you go to.

As a Makeup Artist, it is really important to practice good hygiene. My rules of life: don’t ever double dip a mascara wand into the mascara tube that you use on clients, and don’t show up to jobs with chipped nails. Although I’m sure this golden rule I go by may seem a little ridiculous to  some, it makes me feel better knowing that my nails look decent when I’m at a job.

After shelling out $25 every two weeks for a fresh manicure, ($25 x 2 (amount of times I would need to go to the salon in a month) =$50 a month x 12 months= $600 (NOT including tip) I realized that getting my nails done was costing me a pretty penny that I was not okay with losing.

ALAS (again!) Sensentionail! Depending on where  you go, you can find the Sensationail starter kit anywhere from $39-$49. I just so happened to find mine for $39 at Wal Mart. There was also a Sally Hansen gel starter kit, but it was $59, so I opted for the cheaper alternative and I am so glad I did! I have had my manicure on for about a week and half now and my nails still look awesome. With the Sensationail starter kit, my nails still have the high gloss shine that I am used to getting from the nail salon and no chips so far. I ended up buying some sally hansen Gel polishes that retail for about $9-$12 each, and they too work with the LED light that comes with the starter kit.

This is a no brainer! Although my nail painting skills need some improvement, I am happy to say that this device was well worth the money.

Sensationail Starter Kit

Sensationail Starter Kit

Sensationail Starter Kit

Sensationail Starter Kit

Loreal Aphrodite Kiss

Swatch and Review Loreal Pro Matte Gloss: Aphrodite Kiss

Loreal Aphrodite Kiss

Anything that has the word Matte catches my eye, and it was no different when I passed by the new Loreal Paris Infalliable Pro Matte Gloss display. I swatched a few of the shades on my hand, and was immediately drawn to Aphrodites Kiss due to its neon reddish-pink hue. The texture was smooth, the finish was not too shiny, and the color was bold and shocking.
Although I wouldn’t dub this as a matte finish liquid lipstick, it definitely dries down to a velvet finish, which I can live with. I wore this for about 5 hours with no issues, but I’m sure that if I had eaten or drank anything, I would have needed to apply more, due too it not being truly matte.

I was definitely impressed with the color and longevity and would recommend these to anyone looking for a wallet friendly liquid lipstick. These are comparable to the Sephora brand matte lustre liquid lipsticks in the finish, or the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in the boldness of color, only not as matte.
Loreal Pro Matte Gloss

Loreal Pro Matte Gloss

Loreal Pro Matte Gloss

Loreal Pro Matte Gloss

My ColourPop Collection

Highly Pigmented Eyeshadows under $10

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of the newest cosmetic brand that’s making a name for itself all over Instagram and youtube. I even wrote one of my first blogs about the brand and my first purchase from the line here. Famous IGers like Chrisspy, DesiMakeup, and Amrezy (to name a few) have all taken pictures sporting the bright, pigmented, and shimmery shadows. If you check out my instagram, you will find me and my clients wearing the shadows as well. I started out with just six, and now have have 21 in total (not including the lippstix, which will be featured on my next blog). If you are looking for a wallet friendly, amazing quality cosmetic line, look no further..

ColourPop Swatch





My favorite way to use colourpop shadows is with a flat synthetic brush. Using a flat brush is much like using your finger to apply the shadows, only a lot less messy, and the application comes out more precise. I usually used the brush in a patting motion for the most vibrancy.
Left to right( top row): Girly, Fringe, I heart this, Amaze

Left to right (bottom row): Halo( Limited), Lovely, Sequin, Drift (Limited)
ColourPop Swatch
Left to right: Liberty, Sleigh (Limited), So Quiche, Game Face

ColourPop Swatch
Left to Right: Dare, Fantasy, Kimono, Bae

ColourPop Swatch

Left to right: Dare and Fantasy

ColourPop Swatch
Left to Right: Cricket, Tinsel(Limited), On The Rocks, Partiridge

ColourPop SwatchColourPop Swatch

Watch how I created a Subtle Eyeshadow Look using Get Lucky From ColourPop!

What do you guys think? Will you be purchasing any Colourpop Shadows?

Purchase here!



Swatch and Review: Kat Von D Studded Lipstick POE

As all beauty lovers know, there is a huge blue lipstick trend happening at the moment. It seems like every 4 pictures you scroll through on instagram features a blue lipstick from different brands who have hopped on the ever so popular bandwagon. Although I consider myself a lipstick hoarder, I’m more inclined to hoard lipsticks with the red, pink, purple,or brown color range…until I came across the Kat Von D Studded lipstick collection at Sephora. Not only were all her lipsticks extremely pigmented, most of them had a matte finish which just so happens to be my go-to finish when it comes to lipstick. As I’m going crazy swatching all of the beautiful colors on my hand, which then extended their way up my arm, I finally reached the blue lipstick all the way at the end by the name of Poe. And just like that, my dreams were crushed. It was sold out. I asked the sales associate when she expected it to be back in stock and she said it had been out of stock for SIX MONTHS. When I got home that night, I told my boyfriend that he if were to order Poe online for me for Christmas I could die happy, and being that he is the type of guy who wants his girlfriend to die happy, he ordered it for me that night. So here it is:




IMG_0280 (1)Purchase it here!

I actually really love this lipstick and the color pay off! In the picture above I paired it with MAC Blue Chromagraphic pencil. What do you guys think? Will you be purchasing any blue lipsticks in the future?

Niji Makeup case

How To Organize Lip & Eye Pencils For Under $10

When I go to jobs, I like to have everything neat and organized, not only because it makes my job easier but because I’m sure my clients don’t want to stare at an unorganized mess of makeup. Not only is it unprofessional but it’s also visually unpleasing. I came across a photo of the Niji Multi Purpose Roll from someone I follow on Instagram, and I thought to myself: how have I managed without these things?! One of the biggest annoyances when at a job is my lack of organization when it comes to my lip and eye pencils. I feel as though I’m forever searching for the coordinating lip pencil of the lipstick the bride and me have picked out, and when I cant find that water proof black eyeliner under my eyeshadow palettes, I start sweating bullets and hope to god that the one I did find won’t smudge halfway through the wedding reception. Can we say #makeupartistprobz?! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little, but honestly, these things are going to make my life so much easier, and for $6 each, I quickly added two to my cart.

Niji Makeup Case

niji makeup case
Niji Makeup Case
Buy It here

What do you guys think? Is the Niji Multi Purpose Roll something you’re going to incorporate into your kit? I know I’m definitely going to be buying these for all my makeup artist friends for the holidays!

Colourpop Cosmetics Swatch

Swatch & Review: ColourPop! Cosmetics

ColourPop SwatchColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow

ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow ($5 for .07 oz) is described a long wearing creme powder with an elastic-like texture. The best way I can describe them is a an even better dupe of MAC’s Electric cool shadows, but 10x more pigmented, and only $5. Colourpop has a whole range of beautiful colors and finishes on their site, but since I’m a Makeup Artist and work for a cosmetic company, and have more eyeshadows than I need, so I went with shades that I currently do not have in my kit. I ordered Bae, Dare, I heart This, Fantasy, Get Lucky and So Quiche. I was stunned by how sparkly and pigmented these shadows are. For only $5, I was expecting pretty, but I definitely was not anticipating for them to be as beautiful as they are. The long wearing claim is definitely true, as I wore I Heart This for 7 hours while at work, and it did not budge or crease, which is something creme shadows are prone to do. You definitely do not want to pass these shadows up, as I’m sure with their growing popularity, they will be sold out in no time at all.

ColourPop Cosmetics DareDare

ColourPop Cosmetics FantasyFantasy

ColourPop Cosmetics FantasyGet Lucky

ColourPop Cosmetics BaeBae

ColourPop Cosmetics I Heart ThisI Heart This

ColourPop Cosmetics So QuincheSo Quiche

ColourPop Cosmetics SwatchTop(L-R): Dare, So Quiche, Bae | Bottom(L-R): Get Lucky, Fantasy, I Heart This

ColourPop Cosmetics Swatch
ColourPop Cosmetics SwatchTop To Bottom: Bae, Get Lucky, Dare, I Heart This, Fantasy, So Quiche

ColourPop Cosmetics I Heart ThisMy look using I Heart This

What do you guys think? Will you be purchasing any shadows from Colourpop?